October 23, 2016

Voice Services


Cardiel Communications has the vast knowledge and experience to find the right solution when it comes to your voice services.


Why Choose a Cloud-based phone system

A cloud-based phone system eliminates the complexity and expense that comes with traditional phone systems. Your phones simply plug into your existing Internet connection, no additional wiring required. You get reliable, high-quality voice service that’s easy to set up. And you can start saving money today.

Significant Savings

Eliminate the prohibitive up-front costs that come with hardware installation. We get your business up-and-running with professional features, affordable monthly fees, and unlimited calls in the US. Plus you get significant savings to your bottom line.

Flexibility to Suit Your Needs

No two businesses have the same system requirements. We give you the flexibility to define how your service works and the flexibility to make it happen. In fact, we have systems available and so flexible that you can even add or remove users and functionality to match your seasonal business needs.

An Integrated Office

We bridge the gap between your main office, remote workers, and telecommuters, brining everyone together in a single, easy-to-manage phone system. Your employees can communicate as if they were all in the same office – even if they’re in different time zones.

Scalability as Your Business Grows

Your business may be small or medium-sized today, but you can count on it growing. When adding new phones, new locations, remote offices or telecommuters, scaling your service is as easy as buying the phones and plugging them in.

Quality & Reliability, Regardless

We use companies that accept nothing less than the best when it comes to clarity for your business calls; we power businesses through thick and thin, keeping you connected regardless of the elements.